Testimonials from NOTS Members & Course Participants:

“National Organic Training Skillnet has provided great assistance to our company over the last number of years, providing funding to courses that we may not have been able to undertake without their assistance. We have availed of many bespoke courses, designed to suit the needs of our business and our employees. Training our staff is our number one priority and the on-going support received from NOTS has played a major role in ensuring the best training is identified and provided.”

– Eileen Hanan (Meade Potato Company)


“I did Jim’s market gardening course 2019. i work as gardener and love to grow veg but would love to do so on a larger scale. Jim’s course was really inspiring and I learned so much. He shared so much knowledge and experience in a friendly, simple and to the point sort of way and taught me new ways to approach and understand growing quality food, caring for soil and making a living. Also great to be on Jim’s land seeing things grow and how they’re grown, learning to identify problems, see solutions in action and taste the result in yummy lunches. Visits to other market gardens was also very worthwhile. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone interested in growing organic veg.”

– Rebecca (2019 Organic Market Gardening student)


“This is a course that you will use every hour of every day you spend growing for the rest of your life. To spend a growing season with Jim Cronin sharing his depth of knowledge with you is a pleasure and a privilege.”

– Peter (2019 Organic Market Gardening student)


“Jim Cronin’s deep passion for his chosen field of speciality was clear from day one. His welcome was always warm and he made a point to learn everybody’s name, as well as the type of soil they are working with, and their goals as growers.  Jim is an excellent communicator and his teaching style allows him to simultaneously address those new to growing as well as those with years if experience. In the practical training he offers clear and precise instruction on how to sow, maintain and harvest crops.  While in the classroom he can go way deep on topics like plant-pathogen interactions.

His knowledge is a culmination of years of careful observation of natural systems coupled with self directed study of the current academic literature. He is a maverick scientist! I would happily take his course again in the future and am quite certain I would learn something new every time I went back. I rank this course amongst the top of any I have taken. And I’ve spent 9 years in Universities! I feel really inspired to fight the good fight or at least to try, because it is possible.”

– Meadhbh (2019 Organic Market Gardening student)


“We have engaged with National Organic Training Skillnet for a number of years and have found their knowledge, expertise and recommendations to be first class. The network has been very flexible and have customised certain programmes to meet our specific needs. Their support through funding has been invaluable in the training and development of our team.”

– John O’Toole (Airfield Estate)


“As a conventional farmer who is examining the option of converting to organic, I have found the support I have revived from NOTS extremely helpful. I believe the role that NOTS can play going forward cannot be overestimated.”

– Ned (Masters in Organic Farming Participant)


“This was an excellent workshop. It was especially good to hear farmers and growers explaining their soil and crop management approaches. The audience mix of conventional and organic farmers/growers contributed to making it a special day.”

– David (Soil Management)


“The experts were amazing, and answered questions we didn’t know to ask. Thanks to NOTS, my business did not fail – and hopefully equipped me enough to go on forever!”

– Stephan (2016 Course Participant)


“The course is excellent, tutors amazing I’m so glad I did it. I certainly would be interested in some of the other modules provided.”

– Gillian (Bridal Floristry Course)


“The quality of the lectures were fantastic, as they were all experts in their field. NOTS were always very helpful, and asked us students what we wanted to know/learn from each up coming training day – I felt this was helpful as everybody had a chance to learn something that was of a particular interest to them.”

– Angela (2016 Course Participant)


“Thanks to NOTS for putting together an excellent conference. Thanks to the speakers, I really got a good basic understanding of the stages of the whole process. Met some really wonderful people!”

– Kevin (Snail Farming Seminar Participant)

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