Jason Horner; Ex-Chairman of Organic Growers of Ireland

Jason Horners Blog Post for National Organic Training Skillnet.

My involvement with the National Organic Training Skillnet (NOTS) goes back over ten years and looking back makes me wonder how us growers would have managed without them. Irish growers have had great support over the years for training and education and most of this is part funded by NOTS. When growers in the UK hear how much support we get they are always envious.

Over the years I have given training courses organised workshops, seminars and conferences for the Organic Growers of Ireland (OGI) that were all supported by NOTS. Personally, I have attended workshops, gone on trips to the UK, attended the Organic Research Centres Producer Conference and done an MSc. in organic farming in Aberdeen all supported by NOTS.

For all of this I will always be grateful, there is a vast number of people who have benefitted likewise and are continuing to do so. The knowledge that has been gained has benefitted our sector in a big way and will continue to do so as that knowledge is passed around.

More recently I have been running the Internship for the OGI and as a follow up to that the Small Growers Network which aims to help growers get established after the internship or if they are just starting. For the last three years we have run the FutureGrowers seminar at the end of the season which has been made so much easier with the help of NOTS.

This years Organic Farming Internship in Horticulture closes for applications on the 23rd of February and people should check www.organicgrowersireland.ie for further details or email Noel at Futuregrowers1@gmail.com

Jason Horner 25th January 2018




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