Speakers Confirmed for Agroforestry Conference on April 4th

Experts and farmers from Belgium, the UK and Ireland confirmed to speak at Agroforestry Conference in Tullamore

NOTS are thrilled to confirm a range speakers for the Agroforestry Conference in Tullamore on Saturday April 4th.

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Expert speakers from Ireland and Europe will be presenting on their experience and knowledge of existing, established agroforestry systems and what can be done in the future. Farmers and experts will elaborate on the benefits of agroforestry and discuss issues (both positive and negative) on their journeys in agroforestry.

Confirmed Speakers: 

Stephane Delonge (Belgium)
Owner of Highland d’Ardenne in south-east Belgium, Stephane has successfully integrated agroforestry into his 80 hectare farm with Belgian Blue cattle. Stephane is an expert in converting conventional farms to the benefits of agroforestry, and has contributed to more than 50 km of hedges on farms, and 15,000 fruit trees in pastures.

Niels Corfield (UK)
Niels has been working to deliver a truly sustainable food system for over 10 years. He is an advisor, researcher, educator, designer, grower and nurseryman. Working to create regenerative landscapes, farms and operations in the UK and Europe. He is focussed on agro-ecological systems that are low maintenance and productive.

Jim McAdam (Northern Ireland)
Jim is an agricultural scientist specialising in agri–environment measures and in the potential for agroforestry systems to deliver across a range of ecosystems. He currently head the Crops Grassland & Ecology branch in AFBI. Responsible for research teams in renewable energy, plant breeding and testing, biodiversity and horticulture.

Eugene Curran (Ireland)
Eugene has worked for the Forest & Wildlife Service and Coillte in the area forest management. He is a District Forestry Inspector for the DAFM with duties including processing applications for grant aided forestry plantations, processing felling licences, monitoring tree health, and promoting agroforestry in Ireland.


Ian Short (Ireland)
Ian is a Teagasc forestry researcher working in broadleaf silviculture and alternative silviculture systems. He has a PhD from Queen’s University, and has published more than 30 studies and papers on the topics of agroforestry, silviculture / silvopasture, broadleaf tree selection, sustainable land management, and more.

John Duffy (Ireland)
John Duffy of An Caora Dubh in Central Donegal farms using regenerative agriculture practices & woodland management. He aims to regenerate existing pasture through the practice of Holistic Management. He also diversifies farm production through complimentary animal systems, agroforestry & increased native woodland cover.

Clive Bright (Ireland)
Organic farmer Clive farms 120 acres of changeable, drumlin soil of south Sligo. He has been practising agroforestry & holistic management in order to best to utilise the varied landscape of his farm. Clive will share his experiences with agroforestry and why he believes it is an important and profitable addition to his livestock systems.

William Considine (Ireland)
William has been a dairy farmer, pedigree beef breeder, teacher, founder of IASTA and a council member of ASA. He currently works at obtaining a social, environmental and financial return from Nicharee Farm in Co Wexford. His main enterprise is pastured Angus organic beef production, and he regularly hosts on-farm agroforestry events.

Gavin Lynch (Ireland)
Gavin Lynch runs Hell’s Kettle in Co Wicklow – Ireland’s largest hazelnut enterprise. Gavin is an organic dairy farmer who also manages 1,500 young hazel trees and has implemented agroforestry systems with cattle and turkeys. He will speak about his experiences (positives and negatives) with agroforestry.

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