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Registration for NOTS courses is open those who meet the eligibility criteria** as per the NOTS terms & conditions.

Farmers/Businesses resident in the Republic of Ireland.
Those who are self employed/ sole traders or employees**

Please indicate your employment status below in order to be eligible for fees that are part funded. If you are unsure of your eligibility please contact the office on 0719640688. (As our funding is limited, NOTS do NOT offer free unemployed places on all events, therefore you can only express your interest via this website)

To speed up registration at your chosen event, you are required to answer all questions asked for each person attending. These questions map the mandatory paperwork that each delegate at a NOTS training course is required to fill out. Additional on the day of the event you will be asked to sign-in and complete an evaluation form at the end of the event.

Sign up for Free membership and confirm eligibility.

if you are unsure of your eligibility please call 071 964 0688

What is your current status?

I am eligible and wish to attend the course at the part-funded rate.

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