Obsalim Ruminant Health Course (West Cork)

NOTE – The April / May edition of this course has been postponed due to COVID-19. We will be re-scheduling the dates for early September, October, and November. All registrations for the April / May course will be valid for the course dates later in the year.

NOTS have teamed up with UK-based Ruminant Health to provide an in-depth, practical course on the fundamentals of the Obsalim technique for livestock. This will be a three-day programme held in West Cork with support given throughout the year.

Obsalim allows farmers, advisors, technicians and veterinary surgeons to make accurate observations in relation to what is happening in the rumen of cattle, sheep and goats.

It takes all the guesswork out of how the ruminants are eating and digesting the ration (or grazing) and facilitates better communication between all of those responsible for ensuring both efficient feeding and successful ruminant farming.

The successful introduction of Obsalim in a farm invariably leads to significant reduced feeding cost and illness.

  • The basic training is organised in two sessions (April 7th & May 5th). This will be followed by a practical refreshment day after several months to consolidate both knowledge and application.
  • The initial sessions are composed of two hours of theory in a classroom followed immediately by practical sessions on neighbouring farms in which we put theory into practice by observing signs and symptoms in the various groups of animals present.
  • The space between session 1 and 2 allows the farmer to become familiar with the material (cards and Guide) and practice employing the method.
  • The second session will also start with two hours of class work, followed by revisiting the same groups of animals seen previously to consolidate what was learned in the first session and enable farmers to use Obsalim on their own farms.
  • Go to http://www.ruminanthealth.co.uk/ for more detailed course information and testimonials from farmers who now practice Obsalim


The cost of the course will depend on the numbers of participants (minimum of 6)

  • Course cost: €450 per farmer with €300 for a 2nd farmer from the same farm.

NOTS reductions have been applied to these prices (full “non-NOTS” course price is €710 per farmer)

We are accepting deposits and instalment plans for this course. Please call 071 9640688 if you would like to avail of this option (3X instalments of €150).

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