Holistic Management Fundamentals – Online

With the current COVID-19 situation unlikely to abate in the next few weeks, NOTS are delighted to announce the first of a batch of new Holistic Management courses with 3LM and Sheila Cooke:

  • Holistic Management Fundamentals (Online With Instructor)
  • 8 X Wednesdays: 22 April – 10 June, 2020 (6:30pm – 9:30PM each session)
  • Cost: €375 when you book through NOTS (Course is generally €500 for non-NOTS Members)

In this course you will learn the fundamental building blocks of Holistic Management. The four key insights, the ecosystem processes and the tools to manage them, plus the decision-making process that in turn guides management, are critical to masterful implementation of Holistic Management.

You will develop a holistic context, and learn how to use it to guide decision-making and planning. This course provides you with all the foundational concepts upon which the advanced courses, such as financial and grazing planning, are built.


  • Improve quality of life.
  • Mitigate flood, drought and climate change.
  • Increase profits, stocking rates, and crop yields.
  • Increase biodiversity: native perennials, wildlife, soil microorganisms.
  • Manage land to improve its health and create a sustainable future for generations to come.
  • Whether you are a farmer, conservationist, government employee, business person or informed consumer, this whole landbase, whole system approach to resource management gives you the management tools to understand nature and work with it.

For more, see the 3LM Website – but book here through the NOTS Website to avail of our 25% fee reduction.

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