Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) Training with 3LM

NOTS are delighted to be providing funding for the training section of the Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) programme in 2020. This is a programme of the Savory Institute and 3LM which consists of Short Term Monitoring, which is done every year; and Long Term Monitoring, which is done in Baseline Year 0 and then every 5 years.

Primary Benefits of Ecological Outcome Verification Training:
• We gather data on your farm that synthesizes into an Ecological Health Index Score, that is comparable from year-to-year and comparable from farm to farm within your Ecoregion. The score draws together information about Ecosystem Process Function (Water Cycle, Mineral Cycle, Energy Flow, and Community Dynamics). The primary purpose is to enable you to improve your management over time, and verify that you are regenerating land.

• You need two datapoints (2020 and 2021) showing a positive trendline to be added to the Savory Institute roster of Ecological Outcome Verified farms. This verification makes you eligible to sell your meat, dairy, wool and leather under the Land to Market / Ecological Outcome Verified label. You can sell either directly in the marketplace, or to Land to Market brands. 3LM has two Land to Market Partners and will be adding more. They are The Ethical Butcher, and Fairwool. (Fairwool are buying wool in Ireland.)

Please note: NOTS are funding toward the training element of EOV – the actual verification and certification element of the course is separate from NOTS Funding.

a. Day 1: Arrival
b. Days 2-3-4: Conduct Baseline EOV: Short Term Monitoring of ten paddocks, and Long Term Monitoring of three transects.
c. Day 5: Departure

EOV season 2020 runs from June through early September. Once your farm makes a decision to participate in EOV, here are the steps to secure and maintain the status, ‘Ecological Outcome Verified’ with the Savory Institute.
1. Your farm pays a deposit to reserve the dates.

2. 3LM sends a request form to Your farm requesting information about the landbase, and an official letter saying that 3LM staff are key workers and have permission to travel to the farm. Your farm sends requested information at least four weeks prior to the visit.

3. Your farm and 3LM have an online meeting to discuss the Farm Monitoring Plan. The outcome is the selection of ten paddocks that provide a representative sample from which to derive a reliable Ecological Health Index Score for the Whole Under Management.

5. 3LM does a one-hour debrief with the farm team about the findings as a virtual call. The aim is for the farm team to learn how to use the data in a ‘Feedback Loop’ process to improve management and increase the likelihood of a higher score the following year.

6. 3LM submits data to Savory Institute using the global online platform, and issues a report to Your farm.

7. In 2021, 3LM returns to do Short Term Monitoring (a one-day project). If the data shows a positive trend, your farm gets added to Savory Institute’s roster of Ecological Outcome Verified landbases.

8. In 2022-2024, 3LM returns to do Short Term Monitoring each year, or Your farm are trained-up to do it themselves and upload the information to the global online platform.

9. In 2025, 3LM returns to do Baseline EOV which includes Short Term Monitoring of ten locations, and Long Term Monitoring of three transects.

10. In order to maintain EOV status, the pattern continues of Short-Term Monitoring for the next four years, followed by Baseline EOV in the fifth year.

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