Climate Proofing Your Farm: 1-day Workshop with Hugh Lovel

“Climate Proofing your Farm, while getting your Nitrogen for free”

Presented by renowned international agricultural adviser Hugh Lovel, Transition Kerry and NOTS are delighted to present this full-day workshop for the incredible discounted price of €40. The course will take place on Wednesday February 26th at the Ballygarry House Hotel in Tralee, Co Kerry.

This is a 1-day course outlining how farmers can climate proof their farms and reduce external inputs / costs by getting nitrogen and most of what our plants need for free.

Hugh consults for conventional, organic and biodynamic farmers in Europe, Africa,  Australia , USA and New Zealand. He advises farmers in all sectors – from dairy, beef and sheep to horticultural and wine producers.

Learn how agriculture works in harmony with nature and how to improve yields, eliminate weeds, and improve crop responses to weather while harvesting both carbon dioxide and nitrogen from the atmosphere and building these into the humus in our soils.

Learn how to use soil biology and chemistry to understand how we can get our on farm nitrogen and other minerals for free. Hugh will help farmers to work with natural and environmentally beneficial methods of fixing nitrogen with minimal external inputs. Key to the course will be understanding the Biochemical process and how we can use it to feed our soil and plants.

Date: Wednesday 26th February 2020
Venue: Ballygarry House Hotel, Tralee, Co Kerry
Cost: €40 when booked through NOTS (Click “Register Now” or call 071 9640688)

Specific topics covered on the day:
– The hummus flywheel
– Bio chemical sequence
– Bio-fermentation
– Carbon Farming
– Connection between multi sward / Biologically active soils and quality product production
– Understanding Nature and how it works on our farms

What will you gain from attending:
– Improve your observation
– Expand your world view
– Turn experience into insight
– Deepen understanding of Hugh Lovel’s Natural Biochemical Sequence
– Economically self-regenerate soils
– Weeds as indicators
– Understand how plants and soil thrive
– Produce abundant trouble free crops
– Use tests to educate your eye
– Find causes rather than treat symptoms
– Design crop systems that contribute to natural bounty

Hugh Lovel Biography:

Hugh Lovel is a farmer and an international consultant to dairy farms, graziers, broad acre grain growers and fruit and vegetable producers. As a multidisciplinary scientist, Hugh has introduced comprehensive soil testing using both the Albrecht approach and a total acid digest test that more clearly reveals what is actually present in soils.  Above all he has been a leading pioneer of the new science of Quantum Agriculture.

Hugh Lovel is the author of A Biodynamic Farm, for Growing Wholesome Food and Quantum Agriculture: Biodynamics and Beyond. His articles appear in “Acres USA”, related organic farming periodicals such as “Acres Australia” and biodynamic journals around the world

Initially Hugh gained 30 years of broad experience in biodynamic farming while operating a market garden farm and the first CSA in Georgia. Hugh migrated to Australia in 2005 to teach, consult and write. He and his wife Shabari Bird are the founders of Quantum Agriculture Consultancy and live in Australia and the US.

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