Certificate in Organic Horticulture 2020 (Distance Learning)

Enrolment for National Organic Training Skillnet funding will open in July for the Certificate in Organic Horticulture Distance Learning course which is delivered through The Organic College An tIonad Glas.

Year 1 Modules include:

  1. Organic Fruit and Vegetable Production
  2. Soil Science and Growing Media
  3. Organic Standards and Principles
  4. Plant Identification and Use

Year 2 Modules include:

  1. Plant Science
  2. Plant Protection
  3. Plant Propagation
  4. Communications
  5. Work Practice

This 2 year course in horticulture will be delivered via Distance Learning, 4 Modules are taken each year, commencing in October 2020. For full course details and course dates, please visit the organic college website @ https://www.organiccollege.com/distance-learning

Please note, you don’t have to complete both years. There is value in completing just year 1 as a solid foundation in Organic Horticulture and you’ll receive module awards / certificates for the four modules you complete in year one. If you decide to complete the full certificate you will need to complete the remaining five modules in year two.

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