Adv Workshop in Bio Agriculture Course/One night B&B + evening meal

Advanced Workshop in Biological Agriculture

How to apply it to the different farm enterprises?

Hosted by Dan Kitteridge in conjunction with:

  • John McHugh (Dairy Farming)
  • Clive Bright (Grass fed Beef production)
  • Jim Cronin, (Organic Vegetable Growing)
  • Thomas Fuohy (Organic Cereal production)

Dates: 7th –  8th January 2019

Times: Starting at 10am – Finishing at approx 16.30pm

Breaks: Tea/Coffee and Light lunch provided

Venue: Bridge House Hotel, Tullamore, Co Offaly


  •  Package 3 – Course and Accommodation plus Evening Meal on the 7th of January – €220pp ** Please note your details will be sent to the hotel for checking in to your room.

Course Content:

The main aim of this course is to discuss on how Biological Farming Principles can be applied PRACTICALLY on the different farm enterprises in Ireland. The course will be led on the 2 days by Dan Kitteridge with ground proofing to done with the assistance of relevant Irish expertise as listed above.

The workshop is designed to allow maximum interaction on practical application.

Key area to be covered are as follows:

  • Overarching Principles of biological systems.
  • Soil testing and mineral balancing
  • inoculation and microbiome understanding and management
  • Soil cover, organic matter, CARBON SEQUESTRATION, polycultures
  • Hydration and water management
  • Aeration and management to keep soils loose
  • Seed quality and epigenetics
  • pest and disease resistance and biochemistry
  • Flavour, aroma, and human health
  • The science of quality, the Bio-nutrient Meter, and market pressure
  • Plant life cycle understanding and points of critical influence
  • In season monitoring and management.



Learning Outcomes

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