2020 Year 2 – MSc PGDip in Organic Farming

2020 Year 2 – Students

Please note you must have passed Year 1 Exams and have been formally accepted by SRUC to continue into Year 2 – Postgraduate Diploma.

In order to be eligible for NOTS funding, the following must apply:

  • You must be a member of NOTS, most of you will already be a member but for those who are not, membership is free. Once you register onto this course online your membership automatically starts.
  • You must be resident in the Republic of Ireland.
  • You must be either employed or self-employed (this can include farming or horticulture).
  • If for some reason you do not wish to gain funding from NOTS, then a full fee of £2940 (approx €3400) will apply.

NOTS are reducing the fees from SRUC by 50% for Semester 1 only in 2020. We feel this course is essential to the sector.  From 2021 onward, the course will be funded at a 30% rate. Please note that once you accept your place the fees quoted from SRUC will remain as same and will not be subject to an increase from the college (unless you take time out of the course).

To give you a guide on the fees for the coming year, SRUC charge a full fee of £2940 Sterling (approx €3400) per year, with charges etc. For Semester 1, when signing up through NOTS, you receive 50% funding and thus will pay €850 rather than €1700 for Semester 1.

Eligible Irish students will pay NOTS the following fees: (NOTS will invoice per semester – there are 2 semesters each year).

  • Year 2 Semester 1 €850 – Semester 1 fees are due in full by the 30th of September 2020.
  • Year 2 Semester 2 fee will be €1,180. However, due to current economic uncertainties Semester 2 price may change due to currency fluctuations and will be set in early January 2021 and invoices will be emailed then.  Semester 2 fees are due by 28th of February 2021.
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