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Foundations of Holistic Management 3 day course

Foundations of Holistic Management 3-Day Training Course Course Description This training course covers the fundamentals of Holistic Management: The four key insights. The four ecosystem processes and how to assess their condition. The tools for managing the ecosystem processes, and the results they tend to produce. … Full Course Details

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Holistic Management 9 day course

Holistic Management Intensive 9-Day Training Course Course Description This intensive programme of 9 consecutive days is designed for the learner who wants to get a jumpstart by learning the whole of holistic management in one go. It meets the training requirements for becoming a Savory Institute Accredited Professional. This training course covers: The Foundations of Holistic Management — 3 Days. The fundamentals of holistic management. The ecosystem processes and … Full Course Details

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Organic Market Gardening 2018

This course will equip participants with the knowledge and work methods of how to set up, cultivate and finance a plot, polytunnel, or field for supplying a farmer’s market, restaurant or a box scheme with vegetables and herbs throughout the year. The course follows the growing season.   Dates & Time Every second Wednesday from January 31st to September 26th inclusive The dates … Full Course Details

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Soil Biology with Joel Williams

Joel Williams will be delivering a 1 day training on Soil Biology in 3 various locations nationwide (Dates & Locations below). Joel will provide an in-depth training day to cover the organic and conventional farming. Topics that will be covered are Soil Health, Soil Management, Ecology. Locations: Location 1 –  9th November, Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone Co Westmeath. ( FULLY BOOKED ) Location … Full Course Details

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Soil Biology, Hot Composting and Compost Extract

NOTS bring to you an exciting full day intensive course featuring an in-depth introduction to soil and compost biology by Dave Beecher. This will explain and illustrate how a biological system functions at the microscopic level and how by working with them, you can reduce fertilizer costs.  Ger McEvoy will explain how he has put this knowledge into practice to reduce his chemical … Full Course Details

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Soils, Biological Farming & Biodynamics

Soil Biology   Course: Soils, Biological Farming & Biodynamics   Venue: Grangebeg Camphill, Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow. Start Time: 7.00pm Dates: Tue 21st Nov, Tue 28th Nov, Tue 5th Dec & Tue 12th Dec. Course Fee: €60  Biodynamic Agric Assoc of Ireland members. Course Outline: Evening 1: soil types, physical characteristics, what exactly is pH? … Full Course Details

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