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Feeding Ourselves rescheduled to May 26th

  Course Title: Feeding Ourselves. Rural Revitalisation through a Cooperative Approach to Farming and Food.   Due to … Full Course Details

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Foundations of Holistic Management 3 day course

Foundations of Holistic Management 3-Day Training Course Course Description This training course covers the fundamentals of Holistic Management: The four key insights. The four ecosystem processes and how to assess their condition. The tools for managing the ecosystem processes, and the results they tend to produce. … Full Course Details

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Holistic Management 9 day course

Holistic Management Intensive 9-Day Training Course Course Description This intensive programme of 9 consecutive days is designed for the learner who wants to get a jumpstart by learning the whole of holistic management in one go. It meets the training requirements for becoming a Savory Institute Accredited Professional. This training course covers: The Foundations of Holistic Management — 3 Days. The fundamentals of holistic management. The ecosystem processes and … Full Course Details

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MSc / PGDip in Organic Farming

This course is studied part time through on-line distance learning. This allows those in continuing employment or with family commitments to participate. With the exception of several weekend schools and a short study tour, the learning is carried out in the student’s own home or workplace. There are eight taught modules providing a range of technical, marketing, management, work experience and … Full Course Details

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MSc PG Dip in Organic Farming

This is a part time on-line distance learning course in which there are 8 taught modules over two years and a third year to complete an MSc project in a topic related to organic farming. Commences in September 2017; Duration 3 years; Requires a full application process. Please contact the NOTS for information on costs and starting date. Places on this … Full Course Details

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Profitable and Sustainable Suckler Beef Farming to include Soil biology, Mob Grazing and Low-Stress Livestock Management

NOTS bring to you an exciting full day intensive course featuring an in-depth introduction to soil and compost biology by Dave Beecher. This will explain and illustrate how a biological system functions at the microscopic level. Following this will be a talk and farm-walk on Clive Bright’s low input profitable farm showing how a biological farming system functions in practice. … Full Course Details

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