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Foundations of Holistic Management 3 day course

Foundations of Holistic Management 3-Day Training Course Course Description This training course covers the fundamentals of Holistic Management: The four key insights. The four ecosystem processes and how to assess their condition. The tools for managing the ecosystem processes, and the results they tend to produce. … Full Course Details

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Holistic Management 9 day course

Holistic Management Intensive 9-Day Training Course Course Description This intensive programme of 9 consecutive days is designed for the learner who wants to get a jumpstart by learning the whole of holistic management in one go. It meets the training requirements for becoming a Savory Institute Accredited Professional. This training course covers: The Foundations of Holistic Management — 3 Days. The fundamentals of holistic management. The ecosystem processes and … Full Course Details

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MSc / PGDip in Organic Farming

This course is studied part time through on-line distance learning. This allows those in continuing employment or with family commitments to participate. With the exception of several weekend schools and a short study tour, the learning is carried out in the student’s own home or workplace. There are eight taught modules providing a range of technical, marketing, management, work experience and … Full Course Details

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MSc PG Dip in Organic Farming

This is a part time on-line distance learning course in which there are 8 taught modules over two years and a third year to complete an MSc project in a topic related to organic farming. Commences in September 2017; Duration 3 years; Requires a full application process. Please contact the NOTS for information on costs and starting date. Places on this … Full Course Details

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Profitable and Sustainable Suckler Beef Farming to include Soil biology, Mob Grazing and Low-Stress Livestock Management

NOTS bring to you an exciting full day intensive course featuring an in-depth introduction to soil and compost biology by Dave Beecher. This will explain and illustrate how a biological system functions at the microscopic level. Following this will be a talk and farm-walk on Clive Bright’s low input profitable farm showing how a biological farming system functions in practice. … Full Course Details

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Retail Butchery Skills

The National Organic Training Skillnet will host a Job Seekers Support Program based on working in the meat preparation and retail service area. This course will focus on adding value to basic meat products. We are now seeking applications from eligible candidates. This course is open to those who are unemployed and is FREE (however eligibility criteria apply, if you … Full Course Details

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