The Business of Pub Food 6 Day Course

Publicans who are already serving food and wish to improve operational efficiencies and viability. If you own or are employed in a pub and are serving or considering serving food, then the Business of Food is the course for you. This course will guide food service enterprise that complements your current business.

Learning Outcomes

  • Legal responsibilities in Food Service
  • Setting up a Systems based business.
  • Setting standards and implementing systems to make those work.
  • Menu Planning
  • Menu Costing and Pricing
  • Kitchen Operations Management and Design
  • Buying the right equipment
  • Finding and dealing with food suppliers.
  • Finding the right chef/cook
  • Front of House Operations Systems
  • Service Skills
  • Serving food that works for your premises, your location, your customers.
  • Getting the Coffee and Tea bits right.
  • Waste management
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