Soils, Biological Farming & Biodynamics


Soil Biology


Course: Soils, Biological Farming & Biodynamics


Venue: Grangebeg Camphill, Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow.

Start Time: 7.00pm

Dates: Tue 21st Nov, Tue 28th Nov, Tue 5th Dec & Tue 12th Dec.

Course Fee: €60  Biodynamic Agric Assoc of Ireland members.

Course Outline:

Evening 1: soil types, physical characteristics, what exactly is pH? the soil Food web, key elements of soil biology and processes.

Post presentation discussion.


Evening 2. Soil Chemistry, characteristics of clays & humus. Soluble and available nutrients, understanding soil total exchange capacity. Plant nutrient movement: the biochemical sequence as the basis of plant nutrition. Soil tests and biological assays: their interpretation.

Post presentation discussion.


Evening 3. Photosynthesis, carbohydrates and protein formation in plants. Further examination of soil tests and assays. Cover crops, slurry, FYM & compost.

post presentation discussion.


Evening 4. Energy, Information, life processes & reality. What’s the deal about biodynamics?  The quantum aspect of reality and how this will effect farming in the future. The biodynamic preparations: dynamic models and information patterns.

post presentation discussion.

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