Quantum Agriculture European Advanced Course 2018

Course Details:

Workshop Requirements:

  1. Restoring Our Farms MP3: (included in Course fee.)

This Audio and links on Quantum Agriculture website will help attendees come up to speed with the new language, while developing an understanding of the potential of ecological and biological farming systems.

  1. An open Mind:

Be warned we will be talking about chemistry, biology, natural farming, organics, biodynamics, homeopathy, radionics and Quantium physics. So if you really want to set production records while growing natural, nutrient dense foods and do it in an environmental and sustainable manor, this is the foundation you will need, so please join us.

Day One: How Plants Grow.

Looking at the biochemical sequence, the humus flywheel, composting, soil testing.

As well as amendments, trace elements and their functions.

All from a biologically dynamic viewpoint.

Day Two: Five Sisters of Life Chemistry.

Starting with a discussion on Carbon Structures which is the scaffolding of Life Chemistry. Originality of hydrogen and what occurs.

The Omnicience of nitrogen and its sense/desire awareness.

The Dynamic Beingness of oxygen and its chemical provisioning.

These four elements make up life chemistry to the extent of comprising approximately 98% of our bodies and those of the plants and animals around us.

There is also a trace of sulphur involved as a catalyst to engage these atmospheric elements with the more substantive physical elements in our soils.

These five: hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen + sulphur are the Five Sisters of life chemistry.

Day Three: Applying the Principles of Quantum Agriculture to Ireland.

Including a farm/field visit.

This day will be based on applying what we learned on the first 2 days specifically to Irish problems… Based on questions we asked by attendees before the course and after day one and two.

This will help in using what was learned to deal with problems in Irish systems Ie Slugs, docs, rushes , pests, weeds, nutrient management etc.

Day Four: Scientific foundation to Homeopathy, Dowsing and Radionics.

Understanding how these tools can be used in our food and agriculture systems.

Learning how they can help focus us into the natural flows of energy around us and how that energy manifests the material and reality itself.

Presentations about scientific and mathematical developments that reinforce this. Covering the last hundred years.  Particularly in the quantum age in which many of the fundamental beliefs of our society are being reshaped. .

Question and Answers every evening after evening meal. Bring your farm challenges and we will have group discussion.

Who is Hugh Lovel:

Hugh Lovel is a farmer and an international consultant to dairy farms, graziers, broad acre grain growers and fruit and vegetable producers. As a multidisciplinary scientist, Hugh has introduced comprehensive soil testing using both the Albrecht approach and a total acid digest test that more clearly reveals what is actually present in soils.  Above all he has been a leading pioneer of the new science of Quantum Agriculture.

Hugh Lovel is the author of A Biodynamic Farm, for Growing Wholesome Food and Quantum Agriculture: Biodynamics and Beyond. He is the original designer of the Field Broadcaster quantum technology and the Quantum Radionic Analyser. His articles appear in “Acres USA”, related organic farming periodicals such as “Acres Australia” and biodynamic journals around the world

Initially Hugh gained 30 years of broad experience in biodynamic farming while operating a market garden farm and the first CSA in Georgia. His farm was home to the annual South-East Biodynamic Conferences for 12 years. Hugh migrated to Australia in 2005 to teach, consult and write. Hugh served for 6 years on the national board of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia, .

He and his wife Shabari Bird are the founders of Quantum Agriculture Consultancy and live in Australia and the US.

Some links and resources from quantum agriculture.

Articles by Hugh Lovel



Course will take place from the 20th of Feb – 23rd of February 2018.

There will also be group discussions on Sat 24th for anyone who wants to stay.


Coolanowle Organic Farm

Course will be held at Coolanowle, Ballickmoyler, Carlow, Ireland http://www.coolanowle.com/

Course Fee:

Course Cost: €460 (Inc Lunch x 4 days)

By booking through NOTS you pay €345. (€460 full cost less 25% reduction of NOTS funding = €345)

In addition, NOTS will reduce by 25% the following:

  • Evening Meal €25 per day per person, less 25% equals €18.75.
  • Accommodation for Single Room €70 per day per person less 25% equals €52.50

  • Accommodation for Double Room €90 per day per person less 25% equals €71.25

If you are staying you must also register for your accommodations directly with NOTS via phone 071-9640688 or email info@nots.ie to book at the reduced rate.


Learning Outcomes

Advanced Courses are designed for farmers to meet farmers and gifted soil consultants. Meet folks that share your views and questions. Make lifetime friends, living as community sharing laughs and meals.


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