Communications Training

This training is delivered over an intensive full day practical workshop

A proposed session content and approach is outlined. We will carry out a pre session needs analysis and will tweak this content in line with the findings of this exercise and needs of the attendees.

Training Content

Principles of Effective Communication

The basic rules of communication Understanding different communication styles Barriers to effective communication

Identify Your Skills

Identify your communication style Evaluate your strengths and areas for improvement

Mastering Core Communication Skills

Clarity in getting your message across

Use of effective nonverbal communication How to ask questions that get the right answers The importance of listening skills

Building Rapport

Learn how to make conversation flow easily

Handling Difficult Situations

Effective ways to handle difficult conversations Become more assertive, the difference between being assertive and aggressive

Target Trainee Profile

Suitable for any individuals wishing to improve their communication skills.

Training Approach

Tutor input, Facilitated group discussions, Practical exercises, Brainstorming, Action Planning

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