Introduction to Organic Vegetable Production

1 day introductory programmes on growing organic vegetables. 

Next courses scheduled:

Friday; 9th of June 2017. Location: National Learning Network, Bantry, Co.Cork.




1 day courses Lunch NOT included

Course Content:

Klaus Laitenberger will deliver a series of 1 day introductory programmes on growing organic vegetables 

Klaus will take an in-depth look at various crops and problems and offer a range of solutions that will help you develop a healthy and productive vegetable plot. 

This course will focus on how to get started early in the year.

It will include:

-         Methods of soil improvement and ground preparation

-         Planning your garden and crop rotation

-         Propagation, both seed sowing and division of herbs

-         Organic pest, disease and weed management.

The course will include practical demonstrations on propagation and ground preparation as well as information as well as theoretical aspects of planning the vegetable plot.